Mapping Strategy

Mapping behavior for null values.

Use the mapping strategy to define basic mapping behavior for null values.


The following options are available for mapping strategy:

  • MAP_ALL - A strategy that maps all values of a field.

  • MAP_NOT_NULL - A strategy that maps only the values of a field that are not null. If the field value is null it will not override the current value in the target class instance. This is the default strategy when creating a new ShapeShift instance.


There are two options for setting the mapping strategy:

Default Mapping Strategy

Settings the default mapping strategy for the ShapeShift instance.

val shapeShift = ShapeShiftBuilder()

Override Mapping Strategy

Overriding the mapping strategy for a specific field.


@MappedField(overrideMappingStrategy = MappingStrategy.MAP_ALL)

Kotlin DSL

val mapper = mapper<From, To> {
    From::value mappedTo To::value overrideStrategy MappingStrategy.MAP_NOT_NULL

Java Builder

MappingDefinition mappingDefinition = new MappingDefinitionBuilder(From.class, To.class)
        .mapField("value", "value").withMappingStrategy(MappingStrategy.MAP_NOT_NULL)

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